Cyborg Iguanas are the galactic mercenaries of the IguanaVerse. Born amidst chaos and hardened in steel, in a post apocalyptic world where resources are scarce the Iguanas must scour the galaxies for the valued currency, $CORE. Each Iguana is uniquely enhanced, and battle tested for any conquest in the galaxy. Every Iguana is uniquely generated with 100+ traits. Will you be the one to recruit a Cyborg Iguana?
Public Sale

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Mined from the depths of the planets in cosmic space, CORE is the prized currency of the IguanaVerse. Each Cyborg Iguana will hunt down and gather CORE daily through their conquest, looting and hired services. CORE is vital to the IguanaVerse ecosystem as it is used to hunt for Iguana eggs and exotic items.

Phase 1: Recruitment

Our journey begins with the recruitment of the 2222 genesis cyborg iguanas. Those who have proven themselves to the Iguana Council will receive the coveted Iguana Mint Pass. Users with this pass will be allowed to mint one day earlier than those without. After mint the Iguanas will be listed on secondary markets such as Magic eden.

The original genesis Iguanas are the only ones able to generate $CORE daily. Gen 2 recruitment and radars minting will require $CORE. Specific details of the tokenomics and utility is explained in our medium article.

Phase 2: CORE

The original genesis Iguanas are the only ones able to generate $CORE daily. CORE will be listed on raydium and LP will be funded with a percentage of funds from secondary sales. Iguana companions and radars will be minted using $CORE. Remember $CORE is king. Gather your supplies and team to prepare for takeoff into the IguanaVerse. Who knows what you may find?

Phase 3: Post-Mint

Prepare yourselves for the top ranked mercenaries in the IguanaVerse, the legendary Iguanas. The 7 infamous mercenaries are all animated unique 1/1 special edition Iguanas. Four lucky degens will find a legendary in the initial mint. Once the collection has been minted out the 3 remaining will be auctioned away to fund the LP.
The IguanaDAO will be created. The DAO treasury will initially be funded with 25% of secondary sales.This number can change as we may need some adjustments based on secondary volume and project needs.The IguanaDAO will be making the executive decisions on the direction in which Cyborg Iguanas will develop.
Holder Perks
As an elite Genesis Iguana holder you will receive exclusive perks in the discord and be eligible for airdrops and giveaways. We will implement private holders discord channels and roles and have whitelists for collaborating projects. The benefits do not stop there, we are here for the long term. Additional benefits will be announced later in time.

2222 Galactic mercenaries of the IguanaVerse hunting for $CORE on the solana blockchain.

Wallets with the Iguana Mint Pass will have early access to the sale. One Iguana Mint Pass will be burned for one Genesis Iguana.

Public sale and Presale will be announced on our Discord server

Each Cyborg Iguana will cost 1.5 SOL

Yes we will be in contact with the largest marketplaces in the Solana ecosystem after our mint.

Royalties will be 7.5% for the Genesis Cyborg Iguana collection.

Cyborg Iguanas Team
Founder/Project Manager
I'm a Developer and NFT Enthusiast. I have worked as a software engineer for a mobile app start up and have been invest in NFTs since August. I'm responsible for technology and security at Cyborg Iguanas. I ensure that our launch runs smoothly, process generative art, and most importantly keep community members happy.
Developer and Fullstack Engineer
Full time fullstack engineer in a research firm. I have a long history of front end development and data analysis and am now developing dapps. I have been a developer for a while, starting as a software engineer intern at a start-up.
Developer and Fullstack Engineer
Professional full stack, blockchain, and game developer for over 5 years. Aided in the development of multiple Ethereum and Solana based projects like Lazy Lions and Solana Sail. I have years of experience as a freelance developer for projects on the blockchain and specialize in game development. Some technical skills and languages I've learned throughout the years include Solidity, Rust, Python, React, Node JS, and Angular. I've also worked for many start-up companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.
Project Advisor
A crypto-native since 2019, ryfo has experience in L1 and L2 solutions across different blockchains. ryfo has also been in the Solana NFT scene since the start in July 2021, being actively involved in the scene and gathering insights in the different market trends over the past few months. He has seen many projects in the Solana ecosystem both fail and succeed, identifying the points behind their respective status, where he aims to use this experience to assist the Iguanas to build their project.
Big Blue Rat
I have been drawing pixel arts and have been in game development as a solo developer for 5+ years. I am an avid pixel artist who has worked on many game developers and influences.
Marketing Manager and Advisor
I am passionate in marketing and previously freelanced as a marketing manager for small businesses. I have also taken many independent classes in marketing. I am super excited in the Cyborg Iguanas future!
Community Manager and Advisor
I majored in Economics, studying strategic allocation and decision making. I'm always willing to improve and learn and can't wait to see what's to come for Cyborg Iguanas.